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Yoga at Home

 Begin your journey to wellness with Gentle Soles Care. Take a moment from the busy city lifestyle and fall in love with taking care of yourself. Feel comfortable taking ME TIME without feeling guilty.  Relax, Refresh, Restore & Revitalize your mind, body & Soul. 


Home Care Wellness Services

Our Mission:

We aim to ease the stigma around self-care. You don’t have to break the bank,  To look and feel like a million dollars.

We Offer:


-Diabetic Foot & Nail Care

-Luxury Pedicure & Natural Nail Manicure

-Swedish Massage    

-Body Scrubs & Detox Wraps

Our Goal: 

Release tension and enhance your inner glow leaving you with a smile.


Restore & Rejuvenate

Resort & Rejuvenate your skin, body & mind. We offer organic skin-care products, affirmation glassware & sock. 

 Treat yourself or a love one 



Mandy H.


I had a facial done by Monique yesterday and it was amazing!! She’s very thorough…my face feels wonderful and very clean!!

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