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 Begin your journey to wellness with Gentle Soles Care. Take a moment from the busy city lifestyle and fall in love with taking care of yourself. Feel comfortable taking ME TIME without feeling guilty.  Relax, Refresh, Restore & Revitalize both mind & body.

Allow Your Inner Beauty To Glow 

Image by Fernando Pelaez Cubas


It’s me your right & left feet. Can I have a moment of your time? The average person walks 10k steps a day. Where is my gold star or glass of wine? You bang, fracture, keep dropping things on my face, but you don’t stop to see how I’m doing or say I’m sorry. We cry out for help sometimes but you ignore my pain and keep walking in your 8 inch heels daily.
We help you with your Stability. Heels help with proper body posture, alignment, and balance. In other other words, WE MAKE SURE YOU STAY ON YOUR FEET! We help you get from one place to the other (Locomotion) and enjoy your favorite sport and activities. Example walk, run the baseball diamond, skip, dance, play all sorts of sports ( ex. basketball & soccer)
Fun fact 26 bones, 33 joints & over 100 ligaments, muscles and tendons are holding the structure together and allow it to move. Our one request may you please give us some attention.

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Client Testimonials


Monique is attentive and takes great care. I had her do a mani-pedi on my 93 year old aunt who has dementia. Though my aunt kept asking the same questions over and over, Monique was patient and sweet with her. She brings everything she needs except water and is very clean and anything she may move she returns to the way it was. She also lets you choose where you want to sit for the treatment. This service is certainly worth the extra money! Thank you Monique!

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